Gut Microbiome Testing Kit

Your gut microbiome is a garden. Find out how yours is growing today!

Did you know that your gut bacteria may have major implications on overall health? We've created a test for bacteria to identify all of the bacteria in your gut. Our microbiome analysis will help you understand how your stomach bacteria and intestinal bacteria are helping or disrupting your microbiome.

Microbiome Test Kit

Gut Microbiome Testing Kit

What is a microbiome?

It's all of the bacteria and other microbes in one environment, in this case your gut! The human microbiome, hailed by researchers as a new organ, has been linked to many disease states. This bacteria test identifies all of your gut bacteria to help you maintain your healthiest self.


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What does your microbiome look like

We use some pretty awesome technology in the lab to tell you all about who and what is living in your microbiome, and how it changes over time.

Compare your gut samples

With your gut sample, you can compare your microbiome to others that are similar age, weight, and BMI.

What you need to know before hand


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Why do I need this kit? What does it do for me?

This kit will provide you the tools you need to change your overall health. If your gut is in dysbiosis, your entire body will suffer. Our Microbiome Profiling Kit can lead you towards a healthier lifestyle.

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