Our Team

Our Team

We are focused on the single mission of researching and providing data that we hope will aid in linking gut microbes to human health. We are a diverse group of talented people, including Ph.D. bench scientists, lab technicians, regulatory experts, marketing professionals, sales representatives, manufacturing engineers, information technology professionals, accounting and finance personnel, senior executives, and human resource managers.

As different as each of these individuals and positions are, we are united in our commitment to provide information, services, and products so you can manage your own microbiomes for the healthiest outcome possible. Ultimately, this research may lead to a measureable, positive difference in the lives of millions of people in an overall proactive and preventative approach to healthcare.

We will strive to be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right things, to build on the company’s scientific achievements.

Web Development Team: The Biome360.com web site is one example of our commitment to providing you with the latest in scientific and general information with regard to the role of the microbiome and your health.  This team focuses on researching, collecting, organizing, and presenting relevant information for ease of access and understanding by a wide audience with diverse backgrounds.

Scientific Team: These individuals optimize the sample processing, laboratory testing, and results analysis methods we use to inform you of the current state of your microbiome.  They also process and test all of the samples that come into our testing facility every week.

Product Development Team: This experienced team develops products, such as customized probiotics, and microbiome profile results data presentation graphics so customers can easily understand and take action based on their microbiome profile results.

Information Technology Team: This team provides the electronic interface between the customer and the Biome360.com web site for ordering and submitting samples as well as the internal communications between equipment in the analysis laboratory that accurately tracks every customer sample through the complex sample processing and results analysis in order to deliver the correct results to the right person.